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Don't need no pretty face

Don't need no human race

Ethylene Glycol the Thorazine Queen
13 May 1906
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I just want to thank every one of you
for all the things that you don't do,
for the stab in the back
for the kick in the face
for the pain in the neck
and all the shame and disgrace
for the spit in the eye
and all the things you say,
and all the head games you play

I'm an-ti-social
I hate the world

1940's, 1950's, 4 skins, 77 punk, abrasive wheels, albert fish, alcohol, anti cimex, anti-nowhere league, anything victorian, asta kask, bad horror movies, bats, bauhaus, being a bitch, black sabbath, blitz, bong hits, boots, booze, brandon dicamillo, broken bones, charles bukowski, circle jerks, classic cars, combat84, corsets, crux, death, discharge, disorderly conduct, drinking, drum 'n bass, ed gein, eminem, english dogs, evil, exploited, fad gadget, fennecs, fire, forensic science, front line assembly, gbh, glechlimkack, gulden draak, guns, guns n roses, halloween, hank williams sr., hardcore, harleyquin, hating you, hockey, holidays in the sun, horror, ian curtis, iggy pop, indian larry, indian motorcycles, iron cross, johnny cash, johnny depp, joy division, jungle, knifes, major accident, mark ryden, mayhem, meat, metal, misfits, mohawks, motorhead, murder, my love, nazi uniforms, new orleans, oi, one way system, organized crime, oxymoron, ozzy, pale skin, panacea, pitt bulls, polka dots, punk, punk rock boys, randomness, rasputin, red lorry yellow lorry, robert johnson, rose mcgowan, rottweilers, rubber, rudimentary peni, sam hill, san jose sharks, sarcasm, serial killers, sex, sid vicious, sigue sigue sputnik, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, skrewdriver, slaughter and the dogs, snog, spankings, special duties, spikes, spinal tap, star wars, steel toes, subhumans, sushi, tequila, the adicts, the damned, the doors, the germs, the joker, the last tsar, the night stalker, the sex pistols, the skeptix, the smiths, the varukers, the young ones, toys, tsol, uk subs, uk82, ultraviolence, valium, varg vikernes, video games, vinnie jones, vintage clothing, vintage motorcycles, violence, violent storm, whiskey, whiskey in the jar, wine, wolfpack, wwii, xanax